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Ghk g5
« on: December 25, 2014, 10:59:31 am »
Id like to do a quick review on the ghk g5. It is a tiny gun. But it packs some very good qualities. Out of the box it is the most accurate gun i have ever owned. You actually use the iron sights. Im hitting pop cans with ease at 30 yards away.  It is made of high grade polymer. I cant recall the name of the polymer but the same polymer is used in real steel ARs. It is extremely sturdy. The only complaint i have about this gun is that the mag is extremely difficult to load. You can inly get about 26 into the 40 rojnd mag due to how tight the spring is. Ive oiled it, pushed it down with a rod, ive tried everything to loosen that damn spring. I would highly reccommend this gun to any internediate or adavnced airsoft player. Not for begginners. Oh and also, the gas efficiency on this gun is amazing. You can get theough 3-4 mags on semi before recharging the gas, maybe 2-3 on full auto.
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