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Codename Thunder XII
« on: August 02, 2015, 08:02:17 pm »
Played Saterday only at Thunder this year.  I was very impressed with the game this year

Another two day event in the midwest had split the community, but I loved the number of players at thunder (130, I think) because the game never drew a static line of players across the AO (something that immediatly makes me dispise a game), no bottle necks and players had room to manuever around.  Tempers seemed cool, no yelling arguments about calling hits

I played with a team of 7 on the Russian side. 

Before the safety briefing the players split into their two sides, Our commander "Pappy" then organized us into squads, had us designate squad leaders, he observed which squads had LMG's then had the squad leaders meet for a breifing.  He laid out an overal plan, certain points to hold so we can easily control the field, then he gave each squad a first objective, commands radio channel, and medic bandages.

So far this is the best leadership I've encountered at a Thunder.  Every squad went in with an initial job to do, so it wasn't a bum rush of unorganized players going to get some!

So we spent the day fighting back and forth with the U.S. team.  One good story, our squad was sitting at a 4 way intersection (that main road leading away from the U.S. respawn)  when we hit some contact just as I was giving everyone our next objective sent from higher.  The enemies armored car shows up with these infantry and a firefight starts.  Knowing we don't have time to risk our lives here I pop some smoke and we break contact, move well away from the intersection, and charge accross the street scaring the pants off of the U.S. players who were "protecting" their side of the the road.  Just as surprised we managed to overpower these players, clear the woods and move on to the objective. 

So back to the overall game, our command rocked this year.  The radio wasn't cluttered with vox, or useless chatter.  Squads activly told Pappy where they were, and he gave changes of orders, objectives, and rest to squads routinely.  We had a good mix of resting and not getting heat stroke, and hard charging

Our squad stayed together the entire day, only lost a few to respawns but we always linked back up after 10-15 minutes

So thank you Pappy for rocking it as Russian Commander

Thanks to Justin for putting on the best Thunder I've been to yet

Thanks to the refs for watching us have fun, and making the game run smoothly

Thank you to Legacy, the field is really coming together

And thanks to the sponsers
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Re: Codename Thunder XII
« Reply #1 on: August 04, 2015, 12:25:57 pm »
Preesh the props 8ball...the pleasure was mine.

As was the honor of leading this group.  I got zero flak all weekend, and everyone followed the orders I gave them.  I am glad I gave the initial brief because my radio flaked out after about 10 min both days.  When I finally got back on the net, I thought I would find a cluster frak...instead, I found all our units in the correct positions they should have been, and doing the things I would have told them to do anyway.  We controlled the middle of the field for the entire weekend, and for the second half of each day, pretty much my entire orders were "007" to and destroy...then be at the point locations before the time was to be scored.  SLs did an incredible job, as did Jeff as my PL.  The 29th was an invaluable hammer to have, and they did a lot of the hard lifting.  Cuban, kirk and his group scored big both saturday (taking the mobile respawn) and sunday (getting the bomb to 12 with literally 15 seconds to spare).
In all, I appreciate the hard work you guys all did.  It wasn't easy sitting on my butt all weekend (admittedly in the shade in a chair) and not get to shoot anything (but myself), but I didn't need to get in the guys carried out my orders perfectly, so I could stay behind, make sure people got rest and food/water, then went where they were needed.  I am proud of all the Russian team, and can't wait for next year.
Thanks to Justin for putting on another great game, and lending me your radio.  I promised I will have that figured out for next year.  Let's hear some more stories guys!