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Safety Rules & Requirements
« on: June 22, 2009, 05:58:55 pm »
CODENAME: Thunder VI Safety Rules / Requirements

1. SAFETY GOGGLES MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES. Players must wear goggles whenever they leave the staging area for a game. At no time will the player be allowed to break the seal of the goggle from their eyes.
Only goggles / eyewear that meet the following requirements will be allowed:
• The impact standard for goggles is ANSI z.87.1.
• They must fully encompass the eyes, with no gaps.
• They must be fitted with a head strap to keep them from falling off during a game.
• The lens frame must be sturdy enough to keep the lens in place during play.
• No mesh goggles will be allowed.

All minors under the age of 18 years old will be required to wear full, unmodified face masks covering the mouth, ears, nose and other soft tissue. No exceptions.

2. BARREL BLOCKING DEVICES REQUIRED IN NEUTRAL AREAS. Barrel blocking devices such as the red barrel caps that come with most AEGs, or paintball approved barrel socks/condoms are required to be secured over player’s gun barrels at all times. The only exception is at the target range or on a playing field after the game starts. No exceptions. Violators will be asked to leave the park with no refund issued.

3. ALL GUNS MUST BE MAGAZINE FREE IN NEUTRAL AREAS. All handheld or slung guns must be loading magazine free (“Mag Free”) in the staging, parking lot, neutral and camping areas. Side arms are not required to be mags free as long as they are holstered. Once eliminated from play, players must remover their magazines from their gun, fire 2-3 clearing shots in a safe direction, before proceeding to the elimination area.

4. FPS LIMITS WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED. All players will be checked prior to game time. Players may also be chosen at random for a chronograph spot-check.
FPS Limits are:
AEGs & GBBs: 350 FPS w/ .25gram BBs or 400 FPS w/ .20 gram BBs
Weapons firing over the FPS limits but under 550 FPS are considered Sniper-Class weapons and must follow the Sniper-Class rules.

5. NO INTENTIONAL SHOOTING AT THE HEAD. Head shots do count, but do not intentionally shoot at another players head.

6. NO POINT-BLANK SHOOTING. Players may never shoot / engage another player under any circumstances under the minimum engagement distance of 15 feet. In this situation, a player should shout "BANG" in order to notify the opponent he/she has been killed. You cannot perform a "bang" kill through netting.

7. NO BLIND SHOOTING. Players must see what they are shooting at.

8. NO SHOOTING INTO OR OUT OF THE STAGING AREA, PARKING LOTS, NEUTRAL ZONES OR DEAD BOXES. Players may only discharge their weapons at the target ranges or on the playing fields.

9. NO CLIMBING OF TREES, STRUCTURES OR VEHICLES. Players may never climb any trees, through any windows, into or onto any structures/fixtures or into, onto or under any prop vehicles.

10. NO UNAUTHORIZED EQUIPMENT. Players are not allowed to bring onto the playing field any equipment deemed unsafe by the Event Organizer. Players are never allowed to bring onto the playing field knives of any kind-including replicas, tools of any kind, explosives, real firearms, or other non-Airsoft related items. Smoke grenades must be approved by the organizer before use. No metal cleats. METAL BBs ARE NOT ALLOWED. No personal cameras or video recording equipment will be allowed on the fields during play.

11. AVOID FIELD HAZARDS. Players should avoid all field hazards such as fences, ruts, and vines. Guests should report any hazard to the field operator.

12. CONSTRUCT NO BOOBY-TRAPS. Players may never construct anything that will hinder the movement or cause injury to other players. Players are not allowed to construct any sort of barricades or bunkers. Players may not alter any natural or man-made features.

13. NO ALCOHOL OR ILLEGAL DRUGS ARE ALLOWED. Adults over 21 may enjoy alcoholic beverages during the evenings, ONLY if all of their equipment is stowed away. You must drink responsibly and not disturb other campers around you.


15. NO VERBAL ABUSE. No profanity, name calling, or slurs against anyone’s race, color, national origin, family members, teams or equipment will be tolerated. Guests wearing clothing with offensive wording on them will be asked to remove the garment.

16. NO PHYSICAL CONTACT. Players may not touch another player or their equipment at any time.

17. OBSERVERS DECISIONS ARE FINAL. Any decision an Observer makes is final and will not be discussed on the playing field. The Observer will discuss any calls in a calm manner, after the game or scenario is over.
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Re: Safety Rules & Requirements
« Reply #1 on: June 22, 2009, 07:39:22 pm »
Nothing about tournament locks on gas rifles?
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Re: Safety Rules & Requirements
« Reply #2 on: June 22, 2009, 08:43:12 pm »
Good catch.

Any original style gas powered airsoft rifles must have a paintball style tournament lock. 

The reason it wasn't brought up originally is that those guns almost unheard of on the field these days.  Most of them are collecters items. 
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