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Author Topic: Check out Battle Creek Airsoft Field in Central Illinois  (Read 2057 times)

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Check out Battle Creek Airsoft Field in Central Illinois
« on: March 30, 2016, 11:56:39 am »
Here are some of the basic rules that my field follows! here is a link to the Facebook page
Any questions email us at or call us at 217-652-0401
$15 Admission
Bring Your Own Ammo
$35 Rental Package First Come First Serve
BBs Will Be Available For Purchase
Semi-Milsim Rule Set
General Rules: Must Wear Full Seal Goggles/Glasses !!! You May Wear Mesh. Barrel Condom On In Staging Area With Mag Out.
Rifleman 400 FPS W/ No Engagment Distance
DMR 450 FPS 50 ft. Engagment Distance
SSW 450 FPS 50 ft. Engagment Distance
Sniper 550 FPS 100 ft. Engagment Distance
Game Format: each team will have a main objective to complete, each squad will also have side missions to complete to earn their teams points and to effect the opposing teams mission
Rule violations: rule infringements will count against your whole team, each time a rule is not followed points will be deducted from your team, this includes but not limited to: hit calling, unsportsmanlike conduct, and cheating. It is the squad leaders job to make sure all rules are followed. Report all infractions to staff or your squad leaders.
Medic and respawn, everyone will need a cloth or ace bandage so they can be medic'd, the medic will tie the cloth around your arm and you continue fighting, you may be medic'd twice before going back to base and waiting to respawn. 5 min bleed out time, any cloth or dead rag counts as a bandage. You may use MSW tourniquet. The medic will have extra bandages.
POWs and HVT: POWs can be taken, if a high ranking officer is detained you can take all Intel and battle plans, They may resist and try to flee, once restrained you may check for Intel and mission info. If a HVT Is killed on a team the opposing team gets extra points and mission objective. MUST CONFIRM THE KILL. May Search Dead Players For Intel. If Intel Is Found Return To Your Team Leader.
Grenades: grenades may be used, Thunder Bs and sound grenades have a 15-foot kill radius, tornado and shrapnel grenades require a bb strike, rockets and mortars, mortars have a 25' kill radius, rockets have a 20' radius, if the rocket is launched into a building all occupants are out.
At the end of the day were all here to HAVE FUN, nobody will be turned down, If you feel like you don't meet requirements come anyway, we will work with you, be ready to work as a team towards a greater goal, it's not about kill number but Instead completing all objectives fast and efficiently.