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Author Topic: OP: Blackjack IV - July 30-31 Sherwood Forest  (Read 1929 times)

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OP: Blackjack IV - July 30-31 Sherwood Forest
« on: May 31, 2016, 12:59:33 pm »

Mir Tactical is excited to present an exclusive CUSTOMER APPRECIATION EVENT, DISCOUNTED $40 TWO DAY PRICING Event, Operation Blackjack IV, a two day Airsoft experience at Sherwood Forest Paintball Park.

Increasing poverty, famine, and over population have affected global economic stability. The United States is on the brink of revolution, as multiple militias have risen up against the federal government in order to protect their constitutional rights. Some generals have taken sides with the people and were branded traitors by the White House. Most of the public services are shut down and nobody has any understanding on how far will this go. Foreign foes are taking this opportunity to complete country’s destabilization by supplying the faction groups. Possible outside military invasion is not out of questions as well. It is time to stand up to the challenge......Which side are you on?



LIMITED spots available per each uniform/unit. If you have a larger group and require extra spots, please free to contact us at

Federal Forces: - Military Uniforms

Federal “One” - Multicam
Federal “Lucky 7” - ACU
Federal “Alpha” - Desert Digital / Tri Color Desert
Federal “Bravo” - Woodland / Woodland Digital
Federal “Delta” - ATACS FG
Federal “Xray” - ATACS AU

Resistance: - Civilian Clothing

Shemagh will be used to identify resistance faction groups.
East Militia - OD/Black Shemagh
Sand Fighters - Tan & Black Shemagh
White Stars - Red & White Shemagh
Black Widow - Black & Grey Shemagh
Purple Menace - Purple Shemagh
Red Stars - Pink Shemagh

MiR Tactical is proud to present OP BLACKJACK IV, the fourth installment of the Strikeball™ event at famous Sherwood Forest Field. The teamwork oriented scenario will challenge players in their ability to co-exist on the battlefield, while successfully completing dynamic build missions and scenarios.

MiR Tactical will continue to innovate and bring unique strikeball™ experience to players of all calibers and interests. OP BLACKJACK will be more than just an event, but a celebration of this great sport for the duration of two days.

Tactical Gear and Airsoft Store will be on site to provide you with all of your gaming needs. If you have a custom item request, please contact us for special event pricing. Make sure to stay up to date updates about the event on our facebook page at

The event will combine uniqueness of Sherwood Forest Paintball Park, Mir Tactical's dynamic game play, and special raffle prizes/giveaways


Sherwood Paintball Inc.
3497 North US HWY 35
LaPorte, IN 46350

MiR Tactical is the EXCLUSIVE promoter of strikeball™ / airsoft events at Sherwood Forest. With Sherwood Forest’s innovative, spectacular field and MiR Tactical’s unique style of gameplay, the player can expect an unmatched airsoft experience. Don't miss your last chance to experience the sport at its finest during 2016 season at Sherwood Forest.


July 30 - 31, 2016 (Early arrival and camping available on Friday night)

2 day registration includes:
Two day pass to the event
Free camping
One raffle ticket (extras can be purchased on the spot)
Use of props
Vehicle use
Pyrotechnics use
Smoke Grenades use
Night Mission
Gear Giveaways
and more

Food will be available at the park for purchase.

General Restrictions:

(Under 16 must be accompanied by parent or guardian)
(Under 18 must have a waiver signed by parent or guardian)
All participants required to sign waivers and media release forms.
Full Seal ANSI-rated goggles with straps are required
Full paintball mask for players under 18 years of age. No Exceptions.
All AEG/Pistols/Shotguns - Under 400fps with .2 gram BBs
HPA - Under 1.5 Joules with 0.25g BBs / RPS max limit is 30
DMR – Under 450fps with .2g BBs – Must be modified for permanent semi fire only
Sniper rifles - Under 550fps with .2 gram BBs. Cannot engage under 100ft.
Drum and Box mags only allowed on designated weapons
Limit 1 High Cap - Unlimited Midcaps – We will be spot checking
Air operated systems must have a tournament lock
Barrel Covers are required outside of playing area at all times. No Exceptions.


Day 1

08:00 – Registration/Chrono
10:00 - Safety Briefing
10:30 – Game Play Starts
15:00 – Lunch Break
16:00 – Game Play Resumes
19:00 – Dinner Break
21:00 - Night mission (optional)
23:00 - Day 1 ends

Day 2
09:00 - Chrono/New players
10:00 – Game Play Briefing
10:30 – Game Play Starts
14:30 - Break
15:00 - Final Battle
16:00 - Raffle / Game Over

Gameplay schedule might change due to extreme weather conditions. Chrono and Registration will be available on Friday night in order to speed things up on the day of the event.

Of course, no event would be great without RAFFLE prizes!!! We will be giving away thousands worth of gifts!!!

Strikeball™ is a trademark of MiR Tactical Inc.