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Author Topic: Fields of Play in the Southern Illinois Area  (Read 5288 times)

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Fields of Play in the Southern Illinois Area
« on: December 02, 2008, 11:57:40 am »
I'm creating this topic to help new players find public fields

The Break

Collinsville, IL
(630) 632-7325

Located at the SW corner of Interstate 55 and 255 in Collinsville, IL. (check website for directions)

The scenario field is approx 35 acres in size. The entire field has 50-60 buildings, 2 wrecked vehicles, a school bus, 2 POW camps, and various other bunkers spread throughout the field. The scenario area can be played as one entire field or divided in half depending on the amount of players. Games are played depending on what the players want, short elimination or long mission based. We have a panel truck that can be used and incorporated into missions if field conditions permit.

Open play every Saturday and Sunday. Also available throughout the week for private parties or if enough regular players just want to come out.

Field Fees - $15 for the day or $25 for the weekend.

Rentals - JG M4CQB - $10 for Gun and Mask

FPS Limits - AEG - 400, DMR - 450, Sniper - 550

Hot dogs, brats, chips and drinks available.

If you nee any other info please let me know, Thanks.

Bing Field

3231 Edwardsville Rd
Edwardsville, IL 62025

Just minutes from downtown St. Louis.  Take I-55/70 north to
I-255 north.  Stay on I-255 north unit you reach the
route 143/Wood River exit, make a right and will be one mile up on the left

Has two speedball fields that can be used for airsoft, as well as 2 wooded maps, Frontier and Vietnam. A tank field is available. Speedball fields have cover contructed from mounds of dirt with concrete and stacked barrels respectively. Speedball fields can be combined into one field. Frontier field has somewhere around 15 cabins and a two story tower. Vietnam field has guard towers and sandbag bunkers.  Drinks and snacks are for sale in the trailer office. There are rental guns and masks available, with a choice of an mp5 or an m4. Field fee is 15 dollars for all day, 10 dollars for mask/gun. They also sell TSD .20 bios.

Field Velocity Limits \ Rules (Unless otherwise noted for specific games)

15 - 30 foot Minimum engagement distance

AEG/Gas guns - < 400 FPS with .2 gram bb's
DMR - 400-450 FPS with .2 gram bb's - Must be PERMANENTLY modified to shoot semi-only  - 50 ft. Minimum engagement distance.
Sniper - 400-500 with .2 gram bb's - Must be single shot/bolt action & either gas or spring powered - 100ft. Minimum engagement distance

If you have a field you'd like posted please PM me with the following information

Field name
Field address
Description of the field
Field FPS/MED rules
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