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Author Topic: Basic Forum Rules  (Read 2455 times)

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Basic Forum Rules
« on: December 05, 2011, 02:02:58 pm »
These are a list of basic rules & regulations that must be followed to maintain civility and decorum.  This is by no means a complete list and will be added to as necessary:

1.  All new members should post a simple introduction thread.  What is expected is as follows:
      -Name (First only is acceptable)
      -General location
      -Why you have come to this forum

2.  Proper grammatical style should, at least, attempted to be followed.  Flagrant disregard maybe followed with a warning or simply locking your account and changing your picture to something embarrassingly funny. Prime examples are listed but not limited to the below:
      a.  When posting, the use of ALL CAPS is frowned upon.  You dont need to shout anytime you want to convey a message.
      b.  When attempting to emphasize a point or comment, one exclamation point is enough.
      c.  Periods are to used to segment thoughts within a paragraph.  Run on sentences will be executed by firing squad immediately.
      d.  Use of "733T"-speak or "txt" style language is frowned upon.  If you can't take the time to form full words than we can't take the time to     understand you.
      e.  Use of the term "beast" when describing something other than Satan is strictly forbidden.  Anyone found to be using such a term is subject to a 24-hour posting ban.

3.  Redtail is not be fed after midnight.  Anyone found to be providing food to Redtail is responsible for cleanup of any messes made in the morning.

4. Signature Guidlines as specified are to be followed

5.  At no time is it acceptable to slander a persons race, creed, gender, lineage, dog, cat, home, car, employment, haircut, shoe size, or color preference.

6.  Be kind, rewind.

7.  Use of profanity is not allowed.  If you feel the need to curse please keep it limited to "gosh darn"

8.  No Alternate Accounts.  IP's are provided to us once you have posted. This will be checked to verify that you do not have multiple accounts. Attempting to do this will result in a ban. If there is a circumstance where you think your ip may show up for different accounts, contact us FIRST, so we are aware of the situation. This offense will result in an immediate ban. There will be NO WARNINGS.

9.  Silimlar Threads/Correct Posting.  Before creating a new topic/thread, take a look around and see if a similar topic already exists. It only takes a moment, and you can use the search function, too. Please make all posts in the correct forum. This is common sense. If we find that you are constantly posting reply's in the wrong forum, you will receive a warning. Please keep things on topic when posting. Do NOT hijack someone's thread for your idea.

10.  Topics to Avoid.  Politics, Religion and Drugs are off limits. These topics will be deleted immediately, and the author warned. Please abide by this. People tend to have strong feelings about these topics, and they often lead to flame wars. Do not post about any kind of illegal activities.  This includes "backyard" airsoft events.

11.  G&G sucks.

12.  No Illegal Discussions/Downloads.  No links to illegal downloads or copyrighted materials are permitted. This includes, movies, books, software,etc. Do not attempt to sell these products or post links to where this can be done. This will result in a ban.

13.  Admin decisions are final. If you disagree with a moderator decision, you can contact the Admin, who will be glad to listen to your side of the story. However, most moderator decisions will be enforced.
This list may be updated at anytime without warning.
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