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Author Topic: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players  (Read 31788 times)

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List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« on: July 13, 2008, 09:33:10 am »
Hey everyone, i was reading through all of the posts and realized that one thing that might make it easier to find people to play with and plan events would a list of teams in Chicago. I notice though, that some people may not be on teams so if you're not on a team perhaps you could either join one or post your info and just be a neutral party. Anyways i guess i'll start. Let me know if there are any suggestions, questions, comments, concerns etc.

Team Name: The Wolverines
Number of Players: 4
Location: Chicago, Southside
Willing to Travel: Yes
Armament as of yet: Jg Dragunov, Jg G36c, BE XM8, Super 9, Gas pistols and various secondaries
Recruiting?: No
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events: Yes
Contact Info: Either PM me or email asalazar@uchicago.edu - NOTE: We're kind of on a temporary hiatus since members have gone to different universities etc, but are still willing to go to events
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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #1 on: August 07, 2008, 03:19:25 pm »
Me and my friends are looking for somewhere to play too.

Team Name:S.O.F.
No. of Players:2-6(depends still working that out)
Willing to travel:Yes(once i get a car)
Armament as of Yet:Various AEGs,Pistols(that is to be decided to)
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events:Yes
Contact Info:pm me or email me earth_ruler@hotmail.com
Team S.O.F.(Soldiers of Fortune)based in Oswego,Illinois(near Aurora)

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #2 on: August 07, 2008, 08:41:05 pm »
Team Name: Cougar Unit
No. of Players: 4
Willing to travel: At most, 1 hour away
Location: Vernon Hills
Armament as of Yet: JG M4A1, Echo 1 Stag-15 Tactical, JG SG552, Echo 1 MP5K, Tippmann Shotgun
Recruiting: No
Interested in Helping/Coordinating: Maybe
Contact info: PM or email at lastknownhero15@yahoo.com

we are looking for teams to play at events and such
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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2008, 09:49:35 pm »
We are primarily a guerrilla style team that prefers playing the adversary/terrorist role.  Our style is loose, yet effective.  We prefer ambush or multi-angle approach style tactics.  We do have ex-military membership, but we're not "hardcore." Our age range as of now is 20-32, no real age bias, but we'd prefer at least 18 and up.

Team Name: The B.O.R.G. (Black-ops Recon Guerrillas)
Number of Players: 12
Location: Mainly our members are from the Berwyn, Brookfield, LaGrange area.  I'm in Palatine.
Willing to Travel: Yes
Armament as of yet: 2 DBoyi AK-74's, Dboyi AK-74U, ICS M4, A&K SR-25, A&K M249 SAW Para, JG MP5 Navy, Galaxy MP5K, JG M4A1, JG G36 (modded), VFC AKM, ECHO 1 SCAR, G&G M14, Well M4, JLS SCAR, 2 JG G3's, TM FAMAS, AGM L96, JG BAR-10, KART EBR, KART M58, KART M58 (modded), JG AUG Steyr Phantom conversion, and various AEG and Springer pistols.  We also have flashbangs but have yet to use them. I'm sure I'm forgetting a few of our AEG's too.
Recruiting?: Yes (own weapons preferred)
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events: Yes
Contact Info:

Primary Contact: PM wftnradio (PVC) or email at wftnradio2002@yahoo.com (Paul)

Secondary Contact: PM me (DanCAMPAIGN) or email dsprocks@hotmail.com (Dan)
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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #4 on: August 13, 2008, 10:55:11 pm »

Team Name: Chicago Renegade Bloc
Number of Players: 20+
Location: All of Chicagoland, from the city to Dekalb.  We have at least one in Indiana.  Oh, and one on active duty, guarding some island somewhere or something.
Willing to Travel: You pretty much have to to get to the good stuff.
Armament as of yet: We all have guns.  No point in listing all of them.
Recruiting?: Pretty much always.  We're not snobbish, but we like our team's dynamic and try to keep it that way, so we don't tend to advertise and we can be picky.  Must be over 21, btw.
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events: Some of us have been known to do that kind of thing from time to time.
Contact Info: I'm the team's recruiter, so I'm the main POC right now.  If you have any questions, send me a pm here, over at Midwest Airsofters, or on the CAA boards.  Our website is www.renegadebloc.com (currently under construction).

RB is one of the older, more established teams in the Chicago area (founded in 2002).  Our membership runs the range from special forces to computer nerds.  We love the game and care more about having a good time than being the most elite tactical group out there, but we occasionally pull that off, too.  Our style of play is...unique.  Some are ninjas, some are pirates, all are rockstars.
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RB pwns all!

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #5 on: August 14, 2008, 12:29:02 am »
Foxhound Unit

 Current Members: McGregor, Shuriken, Boondock Saint, Ocelot, Mackadoo, and Joe (not sure what Joe's callsign is)
  6 members right now

  Located in Schaumburg, Illinois

 Currently armed with : G36 + L96 + MP5 + TM 1911, M15 compact seal + WA S&W 1911 DK edition, TM M16A1 VN + TM 1911, VFC S.C.A.R. + SR-16 + TM Hi-capa, TM M9 + S.A.W., and G36 + TM "Samurai Edge" M9                Tornado grenades x 3

 Camo loadout: We run with 6 color desert and full OD vests/gear, and Flecktarn with full OD vests/gear. Also, we wear tan shemagh's.

We're big Codename: Thunder vets. Blast camp, RoR, and Sherwood Forrest all are favorites of ours.

We arn't into recruiting, right now we're a group of friends that all got into airsofting together.

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #6 on: August 14, 2008, 03:06:26 am »
Debating on a team name, my fav is Piggy Bomberz

Current Members: We are getting new members by the minute, I haven't memorized everybody's names, but I believe we already have upwards 15 people

Base of operations is in Palatine Illinois

We have E1's, a SAW, a good sniper, and I believe maybe a sportline or so.  (I'm soon going to be our tank  8))

I believe some of our new recruits have ghillie suits, but it is a mixed bunch.  We required full BDU's, but I'm a special exception and I get to wear all black.

We are recruiting people in the 11-15 years old range.
If anyone knows what this type of holster is called, pm me: It cocks the gun when you slide it downward and out.

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #7 on: August 14, 2008, 10:51:26 am »
Axis177, as you are a new member of Palatine Airsoft, I would very much prefer if you didn't speak for us. I was the 3rd member of the team, and as such I do alot of the recruitment and advertising work before reffering people to the team leader. We are still looking for a place to play. Here is a real team overview for Palatine Airsoft:

Team Name: Palatine Airsoft, name change is being argued.
Number of Players: 13 and gaining.
Location: We are based in Palatine, but we have 2 guys from Park Ridge, I think some guys from Dekalb, not completely sure how wide we span.
Willing to Travel: Maybe 2 hours at most.
Armament as of Yet: (2) Echo1 G36C's, (1) Echo 1 Phantom 1, (1) UTG Gen. 3 Magnum Sniper Rifle, (1) SAW (but if we get a sponsor we're getting another), and several other AEG's. Everybody has a spring pistol, 1 guy has 2 revolvers (Axis, the sadistic freak, using his own words).
Recruiting: Yes, and we hope to have 20-25 eventually.
Interested inhelping Planning/coordinating events: Depends, only if we still get to play ;)
Contact Info: PM me and I will direct you to the team leader after you anwser the requirements (we are real loose though)

We are a rising star in the area, although we haven't fought any other teams yet. As I said, we are still searching for a place to play, but I'm sure it won't take to long ot find a good place.

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #8 on: August 17, 2008, 11:15:15 am »
just got started in July

Team Name: The 122 Burning Skulls

members: 4
Recruiting up to 6 members
Base of operations  marengo IL and soon in Wisconson

Recruiting:  i am first Recruiting people from my home town i know first like  my second in comand is going to collage in wisconson so i have asked him to start new branch in wisconson he  will be recruiting up to 6 people there as will
starting small first

must be 18+
must like have fun, responsable,airsoft 

Armament have not taken count yet
i have several AEGs 

i am the creator and main commander of the team

were are still  searching for a place to play

Willing to Travel: depends on time and locations and gas prices

still working on the site

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #9 on: August 20, 2008, 12:18:54 pm »
Greetings folks!  I am Destro, team leader for Cobra Airsoft.  We are a small team but we have been playing together (paintball then airsoft) for more than 10 years.  We don't really recruit, but have taken on a few new members from time to time.  Quality is more important than quantity.

We currently have a couple of airsoft fields, the coolest of them is Blast Camp paintball.  I (and my team) run a public game there once a month.  Private games do happen and are by invite only.

Team Name: COBRA
Number of Players: 7
Location: All around Chicago - mostly NE IL and me in Indiana
Willing to Travel: Yes - as far as I have to.  Farthest game was in FL.
Armament as of yet: More guns than you can shake a stick at as well as an airsoft technical (TANK)
Recruiting?: Sure
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events: Yes
Contact Info: Either PM me or email statzk@yahoo.com

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #10 on: August 20, 2008, 05:37:40 pm »
Sup homies. My name is Preach and i am a Team Member of 5th [SFOD] D Wasteland. We are a small team but don't let the small numbers fool you. Our desire is to be as MILSIM as possible and be as best as we can in this sport.

Team Name: 5th [SFOD] D Wasteland
Number of Players: 3
Location: Chicago
Willing to Travel: Of Course!
Armament: a variation of weapons.
Recruiting? Send Tech a PM. Mainly 18+ or if younger please please have a stack of maturity ready to be used. HAHA
Contact info. Well Tech who is also on this forum is the Team Leader, so he is the one to contact. PMing him would probably be the best way of getting a hold of him.

Note: We are always looking for games to help us advance in our skill as a team and at the sport. If anyone is looking to play with or against a group of relaxed guys who want to have fun let us know.
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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #11 on: October 07, 2008, 08:06:55 pm »
Well I'm just starting up, buying my AEG and gear this month and should be fully ready to play by the end of this month maybe even by the end of next week. The rest of my team, if you can call them that are getting gear together at the same pace that I am. So we haven't played anything but small backyard games but I'd like to think we have a good sense of tactics.

Number of Players: 2-4
Location: West Suburbs
Willing to Travel: Yes (Less than 2 hours)
Armament as of yet: JG M4 S-System, BE XM8, Springers (lol) were just starting up together.
Interested in helping to plan/coordinate events: Yes
Contact Info: ll.KHOR.ll@gmail.com, e-mails go straight to my phone so I respond rather quickly.

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #12 on: November 01, 2008, 06:48:41 am »
Hello all, most of anyone that might know me- I'm RUBBERDUCKY
Team -many said Before, M.E.R.C.; Darkside Operations; super happy Fun squad. and Finally by all Official means we are : SuperHappy Sunshine Pals
Members- 4-6 (pending on who actually shows)
Armament- 2x JG G36c, Echo 1 M14 EBR, 2x CA M15a4 (tightbore, spring & Hopup Upgrades), JG m16a2 DMR, JG M16 VN, AGM L96 (m170 spring, king arms hopup, custom machined stainless steel internals), Galaxy MP7 (m130 spring & Piston), More gas guns to name, other guns, more projects ad plenty of what i need to kill.
Located- Westmont, woodridge and villa park.
Of Course we will travel, we drive 3 hrs up to wi every other sunday to shoot people. just need a safe, legal (ish) Field to play on, something closer, preferably with a coupla other teams.
Our Interests as a TEAM- Focus on finding a field of play withing 2 hours of the west suburbs that we can play on a set curriculum, PLAYING and TRAINING with EVERY other team we encounter. Meeting every single airsoft player possible and perpetuating the sport or airsoft in a responsible form.
~ What we Look For~ Honest safe players, people who will call their hits even if in doubt, people who are out here to have fun and shoot people, NOT HARDCORE MILSIM. (we all play this for fun and enjoyment, why ruin that with Competition? It's soo much better just being out there, moving, shooting and killing. Thats why we play isn't it?
Basic~ Very lax, layed back team, contact me by PM, or at satansraven666@yahoo.com
( forgive the email, it was made in 6th grade ).

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #13 on: December 02, 2008, 02:44:22 pm »
Name: Kniofe
Location: Southside of Chicago, 103rd street
Willing to Travel: Yes
Contact Info: kniofe746@yahoo.com

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Re: List of Chicago Airsoft Teams and Players
« Reply #14 on: December 14, 2008, 04:39:56 pm »
Theres a sorta big 1 in central dupage county, but they sorta suck because they have 2many autos and hardly any snipe rifles. A plus about them is they are all year round.(even in snow) Ive been to their cqb and its small.