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Author Topic: Wheaton Airsofter looking for people and places to play  (Read 522 times)

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Wheaton Airsofter looking for people and places to play
« on: March 05, 2014, 04:18:06 pm »
Hello, I'm Thom. A 22 yearold Wheaton resident who has been interested and playing airsoft since 2003. Kinda cool to see how things have come since then. I'm mainly looking for people close by to team up with and a place to play at. I'd love a cqb field, but I'm geared for woodland as well. About me: I'm a student of the metallurgic arts and weld, metalsmith and make jewelry as hobby and as profession.

Figure I may as well list my kit to give you all a better idea of who I am. (Nothing tells a man better than his choice in guns).

WE m4 open bolt GBBR (upgraded with Hephaestus trigger assembly, RA Tech steel bolt with aluminum nozzle and NPAS installed. Saving up for a nice tightbore with a reaps a+ bucking. On the installed AIM real steel rails I have an AIM foregrip, VFN PEQ15 laser light, and a leapers quick red dot. 6 30 round real cap co2 mags).
Tokyo Marui gas M870 (waiting on shipment from Redwolf Airsoft)
Tactical Force M11a1 co2 x2 (waiting on shipment. Everybody deserves to feel like that one scene in the matrix)

Wingun 738 2.5" snubnose revolver (4 speed loaders with 6 rounds each)
KSC G18C (waiting on shipment as well, I also have ordered the magpul FPG kit with this. I like the design and figured it would be fun to mix it up. I've got both propane high caps and co2 real caps)

Woodland Marpat and subdued urban bdus
Tan accuforce plate carrier and black tf3 high speed armour with appropriate pouches and belt
Holsters and bags for mostly everything
Dye I4 mask

Thanks for reading and hope to see and play with some of ya soon!