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Author Topic: Living in Wheaton, IL -- LFG  (Read 1408 times)

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Living in Wheaton, IL -- LFG
« on: March 20, 2015, 05:24:34 pm »
Hi, my name is Nate. I live in Wheaton, IL as a college student. I've come to this forum to find a group to regularly play airsoft with, likely no more frequently than once a week as school keeps me busy. My only availability would probably be weekends.

My airsoft experience level is novice. In the past I played with friends 3-5 times a year or so. I don't have any gear here at the moment--not even sure if I can store an airsoft gun on campus. I probably won't be buying anything until I can find a group and get some advice from them on a general setup.

Thanks in advance for letting me know of any airsoft opportunities around here.