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Author Topic: M14 w/ M203; M82 shell  (Read 384 times)

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M14 w/ M203; M82 shell
« on: March 07, 2018, 07:32:18 am »
I have the only M14 w/ M203 and heatshield for sale. It's a stock CYMA, shoots fine, 100%. M203 is unknown brand, plastic and works fine. Heatshield is G&P. Comes with 1 mag.
I don't remember if I put the selector back on, it may be missing.

Snow Wolf Barrett M82 shell- was an HPA monster, engine is gone. Build a V2 and make your own DMR. Comes with madbull barrel, unknown hop unit, and gearbox shell to hold the grip on. Includes stock high-cap and homemade mid that's closer to real steel length.

Guns located in CA, but I'll bring them back to Illinois on leave for a buyer.
OBO, but I need cash more then I need them gone, so I'm pretty firm.
Only trade is a Wolverine Hydra.

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