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Author Topic: AIRSOFT GUN/GEAR SELLOUT  (Read 578 times)

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« on: April 08, 2018, 09:26:33 am »
Good morning guys! Moved out, married, baby on the way, new job, and new hobbies so I'm selling all my airsoft stuff.

KWA SR12: $100 plus shipping--has 2GX gearbox, systema motor, upgraded piston head/piston/nozzle/cylinder. Has tightbore barrel. Comes with carrying handle instead of smaller rear sight. Forward grip, aftermarket blacked out flash hider. With 10.8 battery this thing rips--as for fps it averaged about 350-360. Hop up works great. RIS as well. Comes with barrel cover and high capacity magazine. Essentially, the gun is ready to play.

G&G/Airsoft GI CQC M4: $100 plus shipping--Adjustable stock, forward grip, barrel cover, MK18 RIS, electric blowback--internals are original and untouched. Averaged 350-360FPS, very little use in gameplay or practice, infidel inscribed on dust cover, original magazine with gun, has load releasing forward assist for maximum spring life. Paid 250, price $100 plus shipping.

Modular plate carrier: $50 plus shipping--comes with detachable hydration pack, small items (wallet/etc.) carrier, four double stack magazine pouches (two with handgun pouches), a zip carry bag, and dump pouch. Like new, has very little use.

Tactical vest: $20 plus shipping--standard, lightweight vest. Everything in working order and good condition. Has handgun holster built in.

Battery Charger: $20 plus shipping--old school quick battery charger but works extremely well. Has never failed me and has both wall plug and car charger plug. Says it's good for 6 and 7 cell batteries but I've used it for all of mine and has worked amazing.

Assortment of BB's. I have BB's that I'm throwing in with orders for free so just let me know which ones you want when you order the other priced items--I've got 40's, 30's, 28's, 25's, 23's, and 20's--some come in 2000ct bottles, other's in 5000 ct bags so whatever you want as a bonus with the above items I'll throw in.

Leapers 4x32AO scope: $25 plus shipping--like new, comes with scope mount/rail designed to go on top of carry handle, has rear cover but no front cover, no scratches on lens, excellent conition. About 60 bucks brand new.

Leapers 3-9x50 scope: $40 plus shipping--illuminated reticle, good range, no covers for lenses, no scratches on lenses, comes with cope mount. About $100 brand new.

Metal Mid Cap Mag: $4/each--I have three of them, all in good shape, in good working order
Plastic Mid Cap Mag: $3/each--I have ten of them, all in good shape, in good working order
Metal High Capacity Mag: $5/each--I have two available, both in good shape, in good working order

PM me for any additional info. I live south of chicago about an hour or so--if anyone wants to drive out here to pick up the stuff please feel free to do so. As a matter of fact it is preferred but if you need it shipped I can do that. Thanks for browsing! ;D

The attachment option is being finicky so PM me for pics

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