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Author Topic: What to bring to a game...  (Read 5012 times)

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What to bring to a game...
« on: January 22, 2009, 05:37:39 pm »
Quick answer - anything you want.

Instead of constantly asking what to bring to a game.  Just bring what you think you'll need and what it says in the event description.  For those that can't or just don't read the game descriptions bring the following:

Barrel Blocking Device - this can be any kind of device but it must be made for airsoft.  A glove or sock will not be allowed. Barrel socks made for paintball are allowed. 

Dead rag - This is a must to signal that you've been eliminated.  Without it expect to keep getting shot even if you're already out. A dead rag is a red rag.  Its doesn't have to be an airsoft specific rag.  It can be any large piece of red cloth.

After that the sky's the limit.
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