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Author Topic: CODENAME: Thunder VI August 8-9th 2009 N. Illinois  (Read 2326 times)

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CODENAME: Thunder VI August 8-9th 2009 N. Illinois
« on: May 13, 2009, 11:38:32 pm »
August 8-9th, 2009
@ Realms of Ruin
(an Hour southwest of Downtown Chicago)

The Thunder Returns...

 After escaping the noose of US forces once again, Drug Lord Hector Chiro has faced a new enemy, his own Cartel. Jorge Juarez, a longtime henchmen for the Chiro Cartel has quietly been sowing the seeds of dissent into the Cartel, recruiting current and former members  for an ambitious undertaking, the assassination of Hector Chiro and the subsequent hostile take over of his empire.

Jorge (pronounced Hor-hey) and his crew carried out their assassination plot against Chiro almost successfully, but were thwarted by Chiros luck and determination. Although they succeeded in severely wounding him, Chiro managed to escape death once again and faded into the Colombian Jungles were he began his recouperation and plotting to regain his control over Colombia once again.

Meanwhile the Juarez Cartel quickly gained control of vast portions of Chiros army and cocoa fields as most of the loyalties remained to the mighty dollar.  They also began receiving CIA funding and help, taking what they could, know at some point they will betray the CIA and their agreements...

Since the Chiro Cartel has faded, the U.S. has focused on strengthening the Colombian Military and Police forces, to deal with the local drug war themselves . The US, under a new Administration and dealing with more pressing issues in other theaters began to withdraw its forces, handing over local authority to the DEA and CIA operatives. The CIA began recruiting "Advisors" to help the Juarez Cartel end Chiros reign of terror. The Pentagon wanting revenge has also covertly moved some specialized units to Colombia as well.

    Hector Chiro has once again returned to Colombia determined to outlast  US resolve and take out the Juarez Cartel. With the help of former members, militant radicals, a series of terror attacks, and kidnappings, Chiro and his surviving commanders have managed to gain a foothold in Colombia and reclaim some of their former cocoa farms and factories for drug production.

    Mission objectives are to capture or eliminate Hector Chiro and his allies, once and for all…

This Two-Day event features:
            Multiple scenarios-
                  Special missions-
                     Armored assault vehicles-
                         New Props-
                                Smoke grenades-
                                    Special weapons-
                                          Night play-
                                              Free camping-
                                                        An Airsoft dealers area-
                                                             Prize give-aways-
                                                                    And more!

Event Enlistment

Enlist with Juarez/US Advisor forces to defeat the Chiro Cartel,
or join the Drug lord Hector Chiro in his pursuit of extravagance and greed
at the Midwest’s premier Airsoft event, CODENAME: Thunder VI.

*Chiro Cartel spots are limited to Veteran Chiro Cartel Players and the number of available slots are limited, so sign up soon!


TWO Day Enlistment:
Recon Registration before June 1st:  $70 per player(11:59pm 5-31-09 CST)
Early Registration before July 1st:  $75 per player(11:59pm 6-30-09 CST)
Pre-Registration Deadline up to August 1st:  $85 per player (11:59pm 7-31-09 CST)
August 1st or later:  $95 per player

ONE Day Enlistment:
Play for Saturday or Sunday for only $50!
*One day admission on Saturday includes the night play session. One day admission does not include raffle tickets for the prize raffles.

Event Restrictions & Requirements

Safety Requirements:

FPS Limits
400fps with .20gram BBs
350fps with .25gram BBs

Sniper Class Weapons are 550fps with .20gram BBs

Eye Protection:
Over 18: Full-Seal ANZI-rated goggle with secure straps
*Full Face Protection RECOMMENDED
Event staff will determine goggle usability / ANZI rating
 Barrel-Blocking Device Required

Under 18yo MUST wear FULL Face Paintball Mask System

Uniform *Requirements:

Juarez Cartel / US Advisors
Digital / Marpat / Multicam
British (Green Style)

Chiro Cartel
*Anything Goes- with the exception of the U.S. uniforms above
(Colombian and Mercenary styles encouraged for film purposes)
Desert (Any)

*Chiro Cartel will be allowed to wear pants from the U.S. selection, but their BDU top must be something different, ie. civilian, or Colombian and South American-style.
*Players not meeting their teams uniform requirements will not be allowed on the field of play or will be switched to the side their uniform category fits.
*Players caught on the field without the proper uniform will have their army penalized 25pts per infraction.
*If you plan on going down to a t-shirt, it must meet your armies uniform requirements.

More INtel available at

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Re: CODENAME: Thunder VI August 8-9th 2009 N. Illinois
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Camo Restriction Update: TigerStripe is off limits for both sides...
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