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Author Topic: Pre-Thunder Checklist & Preparations  (Read 2044 times)

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Pre-Thunder Checklist & Preparations
« on: June 22, 2009, 05:49:42 pm »
Ok guys just some info and advice:

*Players can arrive on Friday to set up camp @ noon or slightly earlier if necessary.
*When parking/camping take up the smallest area possible, there will be 300+ campers and their crap too .
*Players can walk the field Friday till dark
*Player sign in will begin Friday late afternoon. See Registration notes below.

*Under 18 have your signed or notorized waiver ready. You cannot play with out it, meaning if a parent or guardian is not dropping you off/present, you will need the waiver signed and notorized.
*All players will sign the SLE and Sherwwod Forest waiver. Save time a download and fill them out ahead of time.
*Bring a receipt of your registration, just in case.

Saturday Morning:
Get up / arrive early, there is alot to do and not much time to do it.
Gear up and Chrono FIRST, unless you haven't signed in yet. All guns you plan to use MUST chrono, in the morning.
Be ready when its your turn at the chrono, or you will be ridiculed and laughed at.
Get to your Commanders meeting if you want to know whats going on.
Listen and ask questions you may have at the briefing.
Be ready to go when your team goes to its HQ.

Lots of water, and snacks.
All your gear, just in case.
Watch or easily accessible time-keeping device.
Good boots /shoes
Extra money, just in case.

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